Frequently Asked Questions About Joining The Cleaning for Heroes Program  Join Now!

How much will it cost me?

It costs nothing to join and we do not require our members to pay pledges to our organization.

What do I have to do if I join?

We ask that you be willing to commit to providing a certain amount of services to our clients. We have 3 levels of chose from:

Bronze (recommended for independent operators and small companies) - $1200 PER YEAR ($100 per month) in donated services to help approximately 3 veterans per year.

Silver (recommended for small to mid-size companies) - $2500 per year ($208 per month) in donated services to help approximately 6 veterans per year.

Gold (recommended for larger companies with 12 or more employees)- $5000 per year ($415 per month) in donated services to help approximately 12 veterans per year.

For companies that provide higher-cost services, you may opt to "bank" your donated services to provide these higher cost services to fewer clients.

For more information please request a membership application which spells out these requirements in more detail.

Please remember: Your company MUST be insured and you MUST perform background checks on all employees. Sorry, no exceptions.

What’s in it for me if I join?

The goodwill you will earn in your community by showing that your company cares and is socially responsible will be paid back 10 fold over the cost of the services you donate! Goodwill is a powerful tool and can result in many more paying clients who may choose your company over a competitor that does not participate in our program. As a maid service company owner myself, I can attest to the positive impact that belonging to an organization like Cleaning for Heroes has had on my own company. The outpouring of support for veterans and organizations supporting veterans is HUGE! When you join us as a member maid service you are able to ride with that wave of support as you help veterans in your own community. Your willingness to give of yourself to this very worthy cause will not go unnoticed in the your community and in return your community will support your business which will help to further the growth of your business.

As a member you will also receive these benefits:

Cleaning for Heroes logo to use on your website and marketing materials
* Press release template
* A listing in our directory of providers that will link to your website for added exposure, driving more traffic to your business

We already joined a similar program. Why should I join yours too?

Every non-profit organization is created with one goal in mind: To help others in need. Every non-profit organization within the cleaning industry all agree that working together to promote good will toward a variety of recipients is a “win-win” for everyone. We all have the same goal to promote professionalism within the cleaning and home services industry, and we each believe in promoting success for one another. We understand that joining our program is a business decision that only you can make and we encourage you to consider the best fit for your business and your community. Becoming a member of multiple organizations will open many doors for your business and we hope you’ll find the value of also becoming a participating provider with Cleaning for Heroes.

We can't afford to donate our services. Why would anyone want to give away services for free?

We understand that there can be some concerns about donating services when the costs come out of the owner's pockets. Don't forget that being part of an organization like Cleaning for Heroes gives your company the opportunity to be recognized by media outlets like newspapers and television for the good work that your company does for the community. This is free advertising that will reach thousands of people. The new clients you will gain by showing the community what a caring and socially responsible business you are will more than cover the costs involved in belonging to our program.

How can I let my community know I am a member?

Showing the community you participate in our program is as simple as putting our logo on your website and other marketing materials. It will produce curiosity from potential clients who will ask you to tell them more and give you an opportunity to sell your services. We will also provide you with press releases.

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