Frequently Asked Questions About the Cleaning for Heroes Program

Am I eligible for free house cleaning services?

If you are disabled and a member of the U.S. Military or a member of a local police or fire department you are eligible for services if the disability you have was caused by an injury sustained while in the line of duty. Elderly veterans, with or without a disability, who live alone or with an aging spouse are also eligible for services.

What types of disabilities are eligible for your services?

We make no distinction over the type or level of disability. If you have a documented disability (permanent or temporary) you are eligible for services. All you need is a confirmation letter from your doctor. We do not need to see medical records. All we need is a confirmation letter.

I need a maid service for help with cleaning my house. How many free cleaning appointments will I receive?

If eligible for services your cleaning service provider will provide you with a minimum of 4 cleanings scheduled 1 time per month. 

Do you have a list of companies who are Cleaning for Heroes members available?

Yes, please click here to search our members by state.

Does Cleaning for Heroes provide the actual cleaning services?

No, Cleaning for Heroes does not provide the actual cleaning or repair services. We have home service company members nationwide who join with us to provide the services needed.

How does the program work?

Due to lack of funding Cleaning for Heroes no longer acts as an intermediary between clients and the cleaning professionals who have joined our program.  If you are in need of cleaning assistance you will first need to check our list of participating providers to see if we have one in your area.  If we have a provider in your area you will need to contact the provider directly to inquire about receiving services.  You will be required to provide proof of a service-related disability to the service provider such as a letter from your doctor.  You will NOT be required to provide medial records at any time nor will you ever be required to provide your social security number. 

Please be aware that participation in our program is purely voluntary on the part of our providers and as such we cannot guarantee that a provider will be available to provide cleaning services to you. 





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