Commercial Cleaning Service Partner Application

Joining Cleaning for Heroes is a fabulous opportunity to help some very deserving individuals in need and earn tremendous goodwill for your company.

Our commercial partners pledge to collect at least $50 per month ($600 per year) in donations for the Cleaning for Heroes program.  You can collect this pledge amount by asking your clients to donate to our cause or by holding fundraisers.  We are always thankful to our commercial partners who go above and beyond to raise more than $600 per year for the Cleaning for Heroes program but you are not obligated to do so. This pledge amount helps to support the Cleaning for Heroes program and also allows our commercial partners to harness the power of goodwill within their community.   Goodwill is a powerful tool and can result in many more paying clients who may choose your company over a competitor that does not participate in our program. Becoming a Cleaning for Heroes Commercial Partner makes good business sense! Please complete the application process by filling out the information below.

  • All of our commercial partners receive the following benefits:

  • Customized Cleaning for Heroes logo to use on your website and marketing materials
    • Free or discounted products from our sponsors,
    • Press releases for you to distribute to your local media
    • Free fundraising tools
    • Free marketing and business advice through our periodic newsletters
    • Listing on our directory of providers that will link to your website for added exposure, driving more traffic to your business

    Please fill out the screening application below in order to begin the application process to become a Cleaning for Heroes member.

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