Client Application

Cleaning for Heroes provides FREE home cleaning services to members of the United States Armed Forces, local police and fire departments who have disabling injuries that make it difficult to clean their own home.  Elderly veterans who are not disabled but are living alone or with an aging spouse are also eligible. 

Due to lack of funding to run our program we are no longer able to process applications for services or act as an intermediary between clients and cleaning providers.  The Cleaning for Heroes website is now just a clearing house to provide a list of cleaning professionals willing to provide services to disabled or elderly veterans at no cost.  We can no longer process applications for services nor do we offer any recruitment services to help find a provider if one is not listed in your area.  We simply have no funds to pay for the staffing required to provide these services.  We apologize for this inconvenience but without funding the assistance we can provide is severely limited.  

If you are in need of services please check our list of participating providers to see if there is one in your area.  If there is a provider in your area you will need to contact the provider directly to see if they are available to provide services to you through the Cleaning for Heroes program.  
We cannot guarantee that any provider on our list will be available to provide services through the program since their participation is purely voluntary. 

You can access our provider list by clicking here.

You may contact us via email at if you have any questions but the assistance we can provide is purely informational.   Thank you for your understanding.